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On-the-Job Injuries & Workers' Comp

Hurt at Work?

What is a Considered a Work Injury?​

A work injury or workplace accident is where an employee is injured while on the clock. These accidents can range from mild to severe and typically are caused by things that could have been prevented. While there can be several things to cause an on-the-job injury, negligence is the main one. Sometimes, these injuries require time off of work, therefore the loss of income is a big hurdle that our clients face. When not receiving a paycheck, it makes it nearly impossible for our clients to pay for medical treatment required for their recovery. A lot of times, we see them suffering and in pain due to the lack being able to afford the proper care. Our Injury Lawyers will fight to ensure that you or your loved ones get the attention they are owed and deserve. We demand that insurance companies pay for your medical bills and lost wages to ensure you are as close to your pre-accident self. Depending on the type of accident and injury, we can't ensure that you will be exactly how you were before the incident, but we will fight until you reach your full potential.

Types of On-the-Job Accidents:

- Falls

- 18 Wheeler or Big Truck Accidents

- Offshore Explosions

- Vehicle Accidents

- On-the-Job Injuries

- Stress Related Issues from Repetition 

- Construction Site Injuries

- Traumatic Brain Injuries

- Neck & Back Injuries

- Gangplank Injuries

- Elevator Injuries

- Amputations

- Muscle Strains

- Falling Objects

- Equipment Malfunction 

- Exposure to Harmful Substances

- Electrocutions 

What is exactly is Workers' Compensation?

Workers' Compensation is insurance provided by companies for injuries that happen at work. It typically covers lost wages and medical bills. In the event of a wrongful death claim, it can also cover funeral expenses. While they do not cover 100% of your income, they do usually pay two-thirds, which may not be enough to continue to live as you were prior to the workplace accident.

Our personal injury attorneys will look at every angle of the accident in order to get you the compensation you are owed. Oftentimes, employees who are hurt at work have been working for several years and sometimes even decades. The money they have put aside in order to retire can become nonexistent after a serious injury. Our legal team will guide you in the right direction and make sure they have exhausted every avenue to ensure you and your family are taken care of. 

Are construction injuries common?

Construction workers and skilled laborers have one of the most dangerous professions due to the nature of their jobs. The physical demands and dangerous equipment make the risks of injury very high.

If injured on a construction site, it will usually fall under a worker's compensation claim. This helps protect the employee and employer. Sometimes, there may be other at-fault parties, too. 
At Stutes & Lavergne, we check for the negligence of independent contractors, faulty product manufacturers, and other third-party companies and individuals.

Are you in need of our Injury Lawyers?

Are you injured? Were you hurt while at work? Did negligence cause your injury? Are there multiple companies at fault for your injury? Have you lost wages due to the accident? Are your medical bills causing a financial struggle? Are you still seeking medical treatment and unable to work because of the accident on the job? Do you know your rights? 

Thankfully, our attorneys are workplace injury experts. 

We hope you will never need us, but in the event you do, we are here to help. Stutes & Lavergne understands the "game" insurance companies play. Fortunately, for our clients, we know how to compete.

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