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Trip, Slip, and Fall Injuries

If you fall, it is best to seek immediate medical attention. Oftentimes, falls can result in concussions, broken bones, internal injuries, and other medical problems that need evaluation.

Falls occur anywhere, but they usually happen most frequently at work or in a place of business. An injury claim may need to be filed if you are injured by a slip or fall due to negligence. These types of injuries can cause life-altering effects. Holding those at fault accountable for the injured to receive what they are owed is essential. Because every case is different, there is never a set amount of what that compensation will be. Our injury attorneys dissect each until they discover every possible way to receive the maximum amount owed to our clients. 

What is a trip & fall claim?​

When someone is injured by a trip, slip, or fall, they often have lingering effects from the medical conditions it caused. Due to the nature of these accidents, they can occur anytime, anywhere. Because they are more common in restaurants, stores, and at work, and the at-fault party's insurance usually covers other places of business, trips, and falls. We have seen cases that present broken bones, contusions, concussions and/or brain bleeds, and neck and back injuries. Sometimes, these falls have even been fatal. While we can't guarantee that you will always be symptom-free, our injury attorneys can promise to work hard in making your only worry be your recovery. 

Causes of Trip, Slips, and Falls:

- Unclear Signage

- Cluttered Floors

- Slippery Floors

- Spills

- Lighting

- Uneven Floors

- Cracked Surfaces

- Stairs without Handrails

- Torn Carpet

How to contact our Slip & Fall Attorneys:

1. Call (337) 433-0022 to personally speak with one of our injury attorneys. 

2. Ask any questions you may have and set up a meeting.

3. Bring all paperwork and evidence of your accident to your intake meeting. 

4. Meet with Jody Lavergne, Jeanette DeWitt-Kyle, or Deil LaLande and their paralegals. 

5. Focus on your recovery while we handle the rest!

Slip & Fall FAQs

Do I need an incident report?

Yes, if possible. It is best to carefully answer the questions on the report with as much detail as possible. It may be needed if filling a claim. Try to be as descriptive as possible and if able to do so, try to find as many witnesses as possible. 


How do I know whether or not to see medical care? 

It is recommended after any accident that you seek medical treatment. Pain may not show up until a few days later due to the adrenaline rush that accompanied the fall. Trust your gut and follow your medical provider's advice. Friendly tip- Keep record of every provider you see. 

Do photographs of the scene help? 

Yes, if possible. Anytime you can provide as much evidence to back your case, the easier it will be to prove negligence if the case ends up going to trial. Any information is good information. You can never provide too many details when telling your story of being injured. 

We hope you will never need us, but in the event you do, we are here to help. Stutes & Lavergne understands the "game" insurance companies play. Fortunately, for our clients, we know how to compete.

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