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Business Advisors

Stutes & Lavergne, LLC, routinely represents both state and local tax administrators in tax collection proceedings and refund suits. By offering audit review, case evaluations, opinion letters on select issues, and full trial and appellate representation, our experienced state and local tax attorneys handle tax issues from start to finish.


In addition to representing tax administrators throughout the state, Stutes & Lavergne also advises businesses on the proper application of state and local tax laws. Representative state and local tax cases:

  • Firestone Polymers v.Calcasieu Parish School System, 2007-0501 (La. App. 3rd Cir. 10/31/07), 926 So. 2d 748.

  • State of Louisiana v. Dell International, Inc. 922 So.2d 1257 (La. App. 1st Cir. 2006).

  • Anthony Crane Rental, L.P. v. Calcasieu Parish, 2003-115 (La. 10/21/03), 859 So.2d 631.

  • Anthony Crane Rental, L.P. v. Calcasieu Parish, 2002-0635 (12/11/02) 833 So.2d 1070.

  • Mercury Cellular v. Calcasieu Parish, et al, 2000-0318 (La. App. 3rd Cir. 12/13/00), 773 So.2d 914.

  • Unwired Telecom Corp. v. Parish of Calcasieu, 2203-0732 (La. 2005), 903 So.2d 392.

  • Lake Charles Memorial Hospital v. Parish of Calcasieu, 09-1062 (La. App. 3rd Cir. 12/09/98), 728 So.2d 458.

  • Gard, LLC, d/b/a Watermill Express v. Calcasieu Parish School Board, 96-1520 (La. App. 3rd Cir. 04/02/97), 693 So.2d 10.

  • State of Louisiana v. Quantex, 2000-0307 (La. App. 1st Cir. 07/03/01), 809 So.2d 246.

For additional information about our tax law services, contact Stutes & Lavergne.

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